AND VE BUT  tipi Bağlaçlar ve Kullanımının Ayrıntısı

 1 –  İngilizce Dersleri ( Bireysel – Özel  İngilizce Dersleri  )
2 –  İngilizce Dersleri ( 4 kişi ile yapılan grup İngilizce Dersleri  )

AND : Paralel iki ifadeyi birbirine bağlamak için kullanılır
BUT : Anlamları birbirine zıt olan ifadelerin aralarında geçiş ifadesi ( transtion ) olarak kullanılır.
Bu tür bağlaçların bilinmesi ve özellikle de yazım aşamasında kullanılması çok önemlidir.Akademik sınavlarda yazımlarda sınava giren öğrenciye getirisi çok olur.

‘And’ type conjunctions

And is used to add another statement, command, question, etc. of equal importance.
The bell rang fort he lesson and the students entered the classroom.

She does all the housework by herself and looks after her children.
She does both the housework and looks after her children by herself.
She not only does all the housework by herself but also looks after her children. (emphatic)
or She does all the housework by herself as well as looking after her children.

And’ type conjunctions

= She does all the housework and looks after her children without getting any help from others.

As seen in the examples, both …………and, not only………….but also and as well as can be used instead of and when extra emphasis is required.

AND VE BUT tipi bağlaçların kullanımı

Exercise 1.  Combine the following sentences using the connectives in brackets.

1  She works full time. She does all the house work. (both/and)
She both works full time and does all the housework.
2  He leaves work early. He takes long lunches. (not only/but also)
3  I swim in the river. I swim in the sea. (as well as)
4  She could speak when she was two and a half. She could write. (not only/but/as well)
5  Turkish people enjoy football. They enjoy basketball. (as well as)
6  He’s been to Paris. He’s been to Rome. (both/and)
7  The new house is cold. It is noisy. (not only/but also)
8  The teacher is tall. She ‘s pretty. (and)

AND VE BUT tipi bağlaçların kullanımı


‘But’ type conjunctions

But is used to draw attention the two clauses:

She banged on the door but no one answered.
Sport is necessary for young people but they mustnt spend all their time doing it.
or Sport is neccesarry for young people on the other hand they musnt spend all their time doing it.
He always works hard but he never gets high marks.
or He always works hard however he never gets high mark.
He is working hard but I’m not sure he will pass.
or He is working hard, nevertheless I’m not sure he will pass.

As seen in the examples on the other hand, however or nevertheless can be used instead of but.

Exercise 2.  Combine the following sentences using the connectives in brackets.

1  I dont like tea. I like coffee. (but)
  I dont like tea but I like coffee.
2  You ar all correct. You are wrong. (but)
3  All the passengers were on time. I was late. (however)
4  I want to travel. I havent got any money. (but)
5  You work hard. You’ve failed your exam again. (nevertheless)
6  He rarely attends parties. He is going tonight. (however)
7  Everyone has the right to smoke. It is very bad for our health. (on the other hand)
8  You are very generous. You shouldnt have given Bülent all your money. (nevertheless)

AND VE BUT tipi bağlaçların kullanımı