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İngilizceyi gerçek anlamda öğrenebilmek ve öğrenilenlerin konuşma dilinde veya yazışma dilinde kullanılmasında çok önemli bir role sahip olan ” clauses ” hakkında bilgiler.

Özellikle akademik İngilizce sınavlarına hazırlanan adaylar için ” clauses ” hakkında gerekli olan bu bilginin kullanılması dileği ile.


A clause is a group of words which forms a sentence or a part of a which does the work of an adjective, adverb or a noun.

The sentence
A sentence is a group of words forming a statement, command, question or exclamation. A sentence usually contains a subject and a verb.

I like baklava.
My sister doesnt like sweet things.


Sit down.
Eat the baklava
Dont make the fuss.

Do you like baklava.
Who doesnt like baklava?

What a hot day!

A sentence can be divided into smaller units:
1  Clauses (groups of words that usually include a verb and a subject)
2  Phrases (groups of words without a verb)
3  Words

Types of Sentences
The simple sentence

A simple sentence contains only one clause with one or more subjects an done or more predicates:

The cat caught a mouse.

John sings very well.  (containing only one subject and a single predicate)
subject  predicate

Mary and Joy go to the same school and study the same subjects.
subjects       predicate             predicate

(containing subjects and two predicates)

İngilizce Dersleri,CLAUSES

Types of Sentences
The compound sentence

A compound sentence consists of, at least, two main clauses which are connected by coordinating conjunctions and,but,or,or a semi-colon:

Tony wrote the composition and handed it to the teacher.
main clause              main clause

NOTE: The subject Tony is shared by the two parts and it is not repeated in the second part of the sentence.

I worked overtime; I couldnt finish the work.

The complex sentence

A complex sentence contains one main clause an done or more subordinate clauses.

If you stay in an expensive hotelyou will run out of money.
subordinate clause          main clause

When I finished my homeworkI went to bed.
     subordinate clause    main clause

Although he was very busy with his own work, he helped me with my homework.
 subordinate clause                  main clause

I didnt understand what he said since he spoke very quickly.
     main clause             subordinate clause

I havent applied for that job which you recomend yetbecause I have been too busy with my
      main clause        subordinate clause        subordinate clause        
new book
 which is now ready to be printed.

           subordinate clause

Coordinate clauses and coordinating conjunctions

The refree blew his whistle and the game began.
= When the refree blew his whistle, the game began.

She was very poor but she didnt beg for money.
=Altough she was very poor, she didnt beg for money.

You must set the alarm clock or you wont wake up.
= You must set the alarm clock otherwise you wont wake up.
Coordinate clauses and coordinating conjunctions

As seen in the examples, the clauses joined with coordinating conjunctions and but or or  are called coordinate clauses. Pay attention that the clauses expressing actions relating to each other are joined with and those expressing actions which contradict each other are joined with but and ones expressing alternative actions are joined with or.


İngilizce Dersleri,CLAUSES


Exercise 1.  Fill in the blanks with either and or but.

1  Most people go to work by bus…………….Gülsüm goes by car.
   Most people go to work by bus but Gülsüm goes by car.
2  She stays at home ……………………she watches television all day.
3  I might walk……………..I might catch a bus.
4  He said ‘Hello’ ……………… one replied.
5  Parents feed their children …………………..they buy clothes fort hem.
6  He is handsome …………………..he is stupid.
7  The old man is blind………………he is also deaf.
8  She worked hard…………………she didnt pass her exam.
9  Mother watched TV …………………father washed the dishes.
10  You can wash the dishes ………………………you can make the tea.
11  They were invited to the wedding ……………………they couldnt go.
12  You can pay in cash …………………… can pay by credit card.

Exercise 2.  Combine each pair of the following sentences using and but or,or.

1  He sold his old car. He bought a new one.
He sold his old car and (he) bought a new one.
2  Antiques are interesting. They are often valuable.
3  I called at your house last night. You werent there.
4  The doctor is very old. He is stil working.
5  Tell the truth. Face the consequences.
6  We went to Marmaris last year. We stayed for two months.
7  Galatasaray played in the European Cup. They beat Manchester United.
8  You can lie on the beach. You can swim in the sea.
9  She took her driving test. She didnt pass it.
10  You can live on the beach. You cant swim in the sea.


İngilizce Dersleri,CLAUSES