İngilizce Dersleri,  İngilizce Sınavı 

İngilizce Dersleri, İngilizce Sınavı Örneği

1 –   İngilizce Dersleri ,İngilizce Sınavı( Bireysel – Özel  İngilizce Dersleri  )
2 –  İngilizce Dersleri,  İngilizce Sınavı ( 4 kişi ile yapılan grup İngilizce Dersleri  )

1-25 sorularında,cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.

1.  Since he………a computer of his own, Greg…..his tests himself.

A) buys / was typing B) can buy / has typed C) bought / has been typing D) will buy / types E) was buying / typed

2.  My father……..his physical fitness to the walks he…………..regularly every morning.

A) has owed / will take B) owes / takes C) has owed / is taking D) owed / has been taking E) will owe / was taking

3.  The goverment…………a  lot of promises during the election campaign, but so far, it………….any of them.

A) has made / didn’t keep B) was making / wasn’n keeping C) is making / isn’t keeping D) made / hasn’t kept E) makes / doesn’t keep

4.  The famous actress…………….any parties and scial events for months after her husband………her

A) isn’t attending / has abondoned B) didn’t attend / abondoned C) doesn’t attend / is abondoning D) hasn’t been attending / abondons E) hasn’t attended / was abondoning

5. Henry was very upset because all the children in his neigbourhood………… the snow outside while he… bed with a broken leg.

A) were playing / was lying B) are playing / has been lying C) have played / is lying D) have been playing / lies E) played / has lain

6.  All my life,I……on an airplane only once,and on that single occasion,I………….rather nervous during the whole journey.

A) was / have  left B) will be /am feeling C) have been / felt D) am / have been feeling E) am going to be / feel

7.  Despite being fifty-five on her next birthday,my mother……to workevery day even when it………..

A) was jogging / has been raining B) jogs / is raining C) is jogging / will be raining D) has jogged / was raining E) jogged / rains

8.  My mother……to drive the car ever since she………..involved in that terrible accident

A) has been refusing / was B) refused / is C) is refusing / has been D) was refusing / was E) refused / has been

9. This time last year both my son an daughter………………..hard for their final exams.

A) will study B) were studying C) have been studying D) have studied E) are studying

10.  I dont’t think Sally………..herself.Look how bored she….to be

A) enjoys / is appearing B) enjoyed / has appeared C) has enjoyed / was appearing D) was enjoying / appeared E) is enjoying / appears

11.  Carnivorous sharks and plant eating creatures………… these waters for several millenia now.

A) have coexisted B) coexist C) are coexisting D) coexisted E) will be coexisting

12.  Since ancient times,man……….garlic as a food flavouring,as a medicineand as a germicide because its juice…..the antibiotic oil alicin.

A) used / contained B) is using / has contained C) has used / contains D) uses / will contain E) was using / will contain

13.  The armed criminal……..several policeman while they……him

A) has wounded / have been chasing B) has wounded / chased C) wounde / are chasing D) wounds / have chased E) wounded / were chasing

14.  I can’t beliece that you………. The preparations fort he party yet.You………to organise them weeks ago.

A) aren’t finishing / have started B) weren’t finishing / start C) don’t finish / were starting D) didn’t finish / are starting E) haven’t finished / started

15  So far, he……the introduction ande development  paagraphs, but he……….the conciusion yet.

A) wrote / isn’t completing B) has been writing / didn’t complete C) is writing / wasn’t completing D) has written / hasn’t completed E) was writing / doesn’t complete

16.  The distant view of a number of factory chimneys suggested that we………an industrial town.

A) were hearing B) have been hearing C) will be hearing D) are hearing E) may be hearing

17.  On the night of the raid,the young soldier………out across the border zone, when suddenly he……..dark figures in the distance.

A) stares / will see B) stared / has seen C) was staring / saw D) is staring / has seen E) has been staring / sees

18.  Of all the dresses you…….on so far, this one……….by far the best.

A) tried / has been B) have tried / is C) are trying / is D) were trying / was E) try / was

19.  The players of our team…………..diligently fort he last week because they……….against a very strong European team next Saturday,

A) trained / have been playing B) were training / played C) are training / play D) have been training / are playing E) train / will play

20.  Mike…..a composition for his literature teacher since he…………back from school.

A) is writing / gets B) was writing / has got C) has been writing / got D) wrote / has got E) has written / was getting

İngilizce Dersleri, İngilizce Sınavı

21.  Do you know who the car Mike………….these days………to ?

A) has been driving / has belonged B) is driving / belongs C) has driven / will belong D) drives / has belonged E) was driving / belonged

22.  From the moment he……..roaming the earth,man…….to keep the nature under control.

A) started / has been struggling B) has started / has struggled C) was starting / struggled D) starts / will be struggling E) is starting / is struggling

23.  I…………out of the window when I ….two suspicious looking-mentrying the door of the house opposite ours.

A) was looking / noticed B) have been looking / notice C) will be looking / was noticing D) looked / have noticed E) am looking / was noticing

24.  I can’t believe you are that slow! You………the documents for hours now., and tou……. only half of them yet.

A) are filing / filed B) have filed / are filing C) have been filing / have filed D) will be filing / filed E) file / were filing

25.  Doug…………up his own business a few months ago, and since then, he………. Under great pressure.

A) sets / was B) was setting / is C) has set / will be D) set / has been E) has been setting / was

26-29 sorularında verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz .

26.  The organisation set upthe fund in order to raise Money fort he victims of the bomb blast.

A) Since the explosion, funds have been flooding in from organisations wishing to help the victims. B) The fund has been astablished by the organisation with the aim of the collecting money to help people injured in the explosion C) They decided to set up an organisation with the aim of the collecting funds to help people injured in the explosion D) The people injured in the bomb blast have been collecting Money from the organisation set up to help them E) The victims of the bomb blast have founded an organisation which aims to raise Money for them

27.  The only occasion when his wife drives his car is when he has been drinking beer.

A) He never allows his wifw to drive his car, even after he has had some beer to drink. B) She regularly drives her husband’s car because he likes drinking beer. C) Whenever he drinks beer,he usually gets his wife to drive him home. D) She never drives  her husband’s car except after he has had some beer. E) He’s asking his wife to drive him home because he’s drunk a lot of beer.

28.  A deer suddenly leapt out right in front of our car during our journey back home from my friend’s.

A) We didn’t see the deer coming because it jumped into the road so duddenly. B) During our journey home with friends in my car,we saw some deer jumping orund on the round. C) When I am driving back home from my friend’s house,deer often run across the road in front of me. D) While returning  home with my friends,we hit a deer,which had sudenly leapt out ahead of us. E) While we were coming home with my friend’s,a deer jumped straight in front of our car.

29.  Her father refuses tol et her g oto the cinema more than once a fortnight.

A) Her father can only joinher trips to the cinema once every two weeks. B) She’s been begging her father forpermissint to g oto the cinema for two weeks now. C) It’s only once every two weeks that her father allows her to g oto the cinema. D)  It took her two weeks to persuade her father tol et her g oto the cinema on her own. E) Her father doesn’t want her to watch films more often than once a week.

30-32 sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz.

30.  As a last resort to avoid bankruptcy, he took a partner into the firm on a thirty-percent share.

A) İflastan kurtulmak için son çare olarak şirkete yüzde otuz hisseyle bir ortak aldı. B) Şirkete yüzde otuz hisseyle  ortak alması son anda onu iflastan kurtardı. C) Şirkete yüzde otuz hisseyle   bir ortak alınca,iflastan kurtuldu. D) İflas etmek üzere olduğüu için, yüzde otuz hisseyle  şirkete bir ortak almak zorunda kaldı. E) İflastan kurtulmak için başka hiçbir çaresi kalmayınca,şirketin yüzde otuz hissesini sattı. 

İngilizce Dersleri, İngilizce Sınavı

 31.  We all tried to warnhim about the danger he was in,but he didn’t take any notice.

A) Hepimiz ona içinde bulunduğu tehlikeyi anlatmaya çalıştık ama o hiçbirimizi dinlemedi. B) Bütün uyarılarımızı göz qardı etti ve kendini tehlikeye attı. C) Yaptığının çok tehlikeli olduğu konusunda hepimiz onu uyardık,fakat o bizi dikkate almadı. D) İçinde bulunduğu tehlikeye karşı bizim uyarılarımızı dikkate alsaydı hiç sıkıntı çekmezdi. E) Hepimiz onu içinde bulunduğu tehlikeye karşı uyarmaya çalıştık ama o hiç aldırmadı.

32.  Scientists argue that external factors play an important role in the development of human intelligence..

A) Bilim insanları, insan zekasının önemli ölçüde,dış etkenlere bağlı olarak geliştiği görüşünü savunmaktadırlar. B) Bilim insanları, dış etkenlerin insan zekasını geliştirmekteki rolünü araştırmaktadırlar. C) Bilim insanları, insan zekasının gelişmesinde dış etkenlerin önemli bir rol oynadığını ileri sürmektedirler. D) Bilim insanları, dış etkenlerin insan zekasının gelişiminde önemli bir rol oynayıp oynamadığını tartışmaktadırlar. E) Bilim insanları, insan zekasının dış etkenlerden nasıl etkilendiği konusunu araştırmaktadır.

33-35 sorularda verilen Türkçe cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.

33.  Gazete  muhabirleri okuyucunun dikkatini çekmek için olayları genellikle abartırlar.

A) Newspaper reportes tend to exaggrate anything to attract the readers’ attention.. B) Newspapers try to arttract the readers’attention by exaggerating the events which they report. C) Newspapers which report exaggrated events usually attract more readers. D) Usually newspapers reporters exaggrate events to attract the reader’s attention. E) A trivi,al event may attract the reader’s attention when it is exaggrated by newspapers reporters.

34.  Katherina Mansfield’ın eserlerinin çoğu,kendi yaşamından olayları ve mekanları yansıtmaktadır.

A) Incidents and scenes from her own interesting life are often  reflected in Katherine Mansfield’s novels. B) Katherine Mansfield made the most of her own experiences by using them in her works. C) Katherine Mansfield wrote about most of the incidents and scenes from her life. D) Katherine Mansfield’s works are mostly reflections of incidents and scenes  from her own short life. E) Most of Katherine Mansfield’s  works reflect incidents and scenes from her own life..

35.  En eski uygarlıklardan bu yana,her toplum kendi sözlü edebiyatını yaratmıştır.

A) Each society,even early civilsations,has developed its own form of literature. B) From the earliest civilsations, every society has developed its own oral literature. C) Oral literary traditions have developed in every society since the beginning of civilsation. D) All societies have an oral literature, which was developed at the early period of civilsation. E) The earliest civilsations created their own oral literature,which has survived up to the present.

İngilizce Dersleri, İngilizce Sınavı