İngilizce – İngilizce Testler ve Sorular

İngilizce , İngilizce Testler, İNGİLİZCE TEST ve faydası

1 – Testler İngilizce Dersleri ( Bireysel – Özel  İngilizce Dersleri  )
2 –  Testler İngilizce Dersleri ( 4 kişi ile yapılan grup İngilizce Dersleri  )

Fill in the blanks suitable words ( Boşlukları uygun kelimelerle doldururun )

1. Everyone is responsible for —- own composition.

A) his

B) their

C) nobody’s

D) all their

2. There isn’t —- food in the house.

A) none

B) no

C) some

D) any

3. Please lend me —- dollar.

A) a

B) an

C) any

D) a one

4. Everyone —- in the room now.

A) are

B) is

C) were

D) weren’t

5. Everybody in the classroom —- sleepy

A) was

B) were

C) are

D) weren’t


6. Lisa works faster than Tony, so Tony does —- work.

A) little

B) less

C) few

D) much

7. A fly is —- than a bird.

A) smaller

B) smallest

C) the smallest

D) small

8. A bicycle moves —- than a car.

A) slowly

B) fast

C) slower

D) more slowly

9. The Boeing 747 makes —- noise than Concorde.

A) much

B) less

C) most

D) least

10. It was a very —- journey.

A) interesting

B) more interested

C) interested

D) interest


11. He runs —- than David.

A) more quickly

B) slowly

C) well

D) slower

12. He came last because he can’t run —- the others.

A) faster

B) as fast as

C) the fastest

D) badly

13. Why doesn’t Pete have any teeth? Because he —- brushed them.

A) usually

B) often

C) frequently

D) never

14. Kate is —- than any other actress on TV.

A) as pretty

D) not pretty

C) prettier

D) the prettiest

15. I think he was driving —-.

A) dangerous

B) careful

C) good

D) carelessly


CORRECT ANSWERS ( Doğru Cevaplar )