İngilizce , İngilizce Testler ( Denemeler )

İngilizce , İngilizce Testler, İNGİLİZCE DENEME SINAVI

 1 –  İngilizce Dersleri ( Bireysel – Özel  İngilizce Dersleri  )
2 –  İngilizce Dersleri ( 4 kişi ile yapılan grup İngilizce Dersleri  )

Boşlukları Uygun Seçeneklerle Doldurunuz

1. She’s just bought a brand new car so she —- be able to drive.

A) shouldn’t

B) must

C) won’t

D) probably

2. You —- show your passport at the frontier if you want to get across

A) have to

B) are suppsoed to

C) ought to

D) are allowed to

3. I feel fine this morning but I —- very tired last night.

A) was

B) is

C) wasn’t

D) were

4. It was hot in the room, so I —- the window.

A) open

B) am opening

C) opened

D) have opened

5. —- you —- TV last night?

A) Do / watch

B) Does / watch

C) Did / watch

D) were / watching


6. Carol —- her arm last week.

A) was breaking

B) broke

C) has broken

D) is breaking

7. I —- my passport. I can’t find it.

A) have lost

B) was losing

C) were lost

D) lost

8. Are Diana and Paul here? No, they —- yet.

A) has arrived

B) weren’t arrived

C) have arrived

D) haven’t arrived

 9. —- you ever —- to New York? Yes, twice.

A) Has, been

B) Have, been

C) Have, be

D) Were, been

10. My aunt has lived in Canada —- 1990

A) since

B) by

C) for

D) until


11. He —- to his teacher at the moment.

A) is speaking

B) speaks

C) spoke

D) has spoken

12. My dog always —- with me on the beach.

A) has run

B) is running

C) runs

D) runned

13. We —- to learn English last month.

A) begin

B) begins

C) is beginning

D) began

14. They bought a new t-shirt —-.

A) right now

B) every day

C) last week

D) tomorrow

15. I’m going to —- trees in the garden.

A) make

B) plant

C) do

D) give

CORRECT ANSWERS  ( Doğru Cevaplar )

1. must
2. have to
3. was
4. opened
5. Did / watch
6. broke
7. have lost
8. haven’t arrived
9. Have, been
10. for
11. is speaking
12. runs
13. began
14. last week
15. plant