İngilizce Yds Çalışmaları Ve Sınavı Hakkında Bilgi

İngilizce Yds Çalışmaları Ve Sınavı Konusu 

1 –  İngilizce Dersleri ( Bireysel – Özel  İngilizce Dersleri  )
2 –  İngilizce Dersleri ( 4 kişi ile yapılan grup İngilizce Dersleri  )

İngilizce Yds Çalışmaları Ve Sınavı

1 ) In January 1925, ……….. wintering in Schruns, Austria, waiting for a response from query letters written to friends and publishers in America, Hemingway submitted the story to be published in his friend Bill Walsh’s newly established literary magazine This Quarter.

A) while
B) as
C) so
D) so that
E) as much as

2 ) ………… sharing some of the facilities of the domestic services, particularly for news and current affairs output, the World Service has a separate Managing Director, and its operating costs have historically been funded mainly by direct grants from the British government.

A) As though
B) Though
C) By the time
D) So long as
E) Yet

3 ) The school’s houses are named ……….. important locations in the life of the Saint.

A) just as
B) since
C) if only
D) even if
E) after

4 ) ………… players typically spend most of the game in a specific position, there are few restrictions on player movement, and players can switch positions at any time.

A) Because
B) While
C) Since
D) Once
E) Until

5 ) I remember that ………… we searched quite thoroughly for the complete dead we collected fragments.

A) although
B) since
C) after
D) if
E) while

İngilizce Yds Çalışmaları Ve Sınavı

6 ) Dita Parlo was a minor star who had just returned to France ……….. six years in Germany.

A) since
B) just as
C) as far as
D) because
E) after

7 )  The Senate adopted key elements of their religion, which were perpetuated by haruspices and noble Roman families who claimed Etruscan descent, long ……….. the general population had forgotten the language.

A) since
B) after
C) unless
D) if
E) yet

8 ) …………… statehood, Hawaii quickly modernized via construction and a rapidly growing tourism economy.

A) Just as
B) Because
C) Since
D) In case
E) After

9 ) ………… Time magazine named Rowling as a runner-up for it 2007 Person of the Year award, noting the social, moral, and political inspiration she has given her fandom,cultural comments on the series have been mixed.

A) By the time
B) Although
C) When
D) Yet
E) So long as

10 ) They………………………………over 80 million records worldwide, making them the best-selling female group of all time and one of the best-selling pop groups of all time, and also making them the most successful British band since the Beatles,and compared with Beatlemania.

A) sold
B) have been sold
C) are selling
D) have sold
E) will be sold

İngilizce Yds Çalışmaları Ve Sınavı


1 ) A
2 ) B
3 ) E
4 ) B
5 ) C
6 ) E
7 ) B
8 ) E
9 ) B
10 ) D