Konusu İngilizce Yds Exercises Ve Denemeler Hakkında

İngilizce Yds Exercises Ve Denemeler

1 –  İngilizce Dersleri ( Bireysel – Özel  İngilizce Dersleri  )
2 –  İngilizce Dersleri ( 4 kişi ile yapılan grup İngilizce Dersleri  )

1 ) ………… the war, he was a member of Cornell University’s first graduating class, and became a lawyer.

A) Even though
B) Whereas
C) As long as
D) In case
E) After

2 ) …………. defeated in his first run for governor in 1883, he was elected two years later.

A) As soon as
B) Even if
C) So long as
D) Although
E) As though

3 ) Henry Foraker was the first in his line said to descend from Devon in England, ……….. with German and Scot-Irish influences to spell his name that way; his father, named John, had spelled it “Fouracre”

A) though
B) so
C) for
D) such
E) just as

4 ) ………… graduating from Cornell, Foraker moved to Cincinnati, where he resumed his study of law with a local firm; he was admitted to the bar in October 1869.

A) As well as
B) After
C) As long as
D) Even if
E) Even though

5 )  ………… the senatorial election, the rival factions in the Ohio Republican Party were battling less than usual, but it was not until the day of the senatorial election that McKinley and Foraker reached a definite understanding for peace during the 1896 campaign.

A) If
B) As though
C) Although
D) Before
E) Whereas

 İngilizce Yds Exercises Ve Denemeler

6 ) ……….. he expressed bitterness upon leaving office, wishing he had never left the farm in Highland County, he soon resumed his involvement in politics, speaking for the unsuccessful Republican candidate for governor, Harding, in 1910.

A) Once
B) After
C) Although
D) If only
E) So long as

7 ) ……….. it is a live show, the Eurovision Song Contest requires the performers to have perfected their acts in rehersals in order for the big night to run smoothly.

A) Even though
B) As
C) Even if
D) As though
E) So long as

8 )  These rehearsals are held during the course of several days ……….. the Saturday show.

A) as
B) for
C) so
D)such a
E) before

9 )  …………. the debate is closed, the Speaker puts the question on the motion to the House and calls for a vote.

A) Where
B) When
C) Whatever
D) Just as
E) Whereas

10 )…………. in Singapore, Raffles established schools and churches in the native languages.

A) If
B) While
C) In case
D) In case of
E) In spite of

İngilizce Yds Exercises Ve Denemeler


1 ) E
2 ) D
3 ) A
4 ) B
5 ) D
6 ) C
7 ) B
8 ) E
9 ) B
10 ) B