İngilizce, Yds Exercises Ve Hazırlık Soruları

1 –  İngilizce Dersleri ( Bireysel – Özel  İngilizce Dersleri  )
2 –  İngilizce Dersleri ( 4 kişi ile yapılan grup İngilizce Dersleri  )

Yds Exercises Ve Hazırlık

1 ) ………. some auxiliary cohorts in the late Roman period had carried shields with distinctive colours or designs, there is no evidence that any one Roman legion was distinguished from another by features other than the numbers on the leather covers protecting their shields.

A) After
B) Once
C) Unless
D) Until
E) While

2 ) In part this was ………. the uniform dress issued to the rank and file was considered a form of livery the mark of a servant and demeaning to members of the social class from which officers came.

A) even though
B) because
C) when
D) before
E) whereas

3 ) ………….. trying to keep their relationship as casual as all others, she develops true feelings for him.

A) Because of
B) As a result of
C) Despite
D) In accoırdance with
E) In excess of

4 ) Soon ……….being awarded US$145,000 in a work-related-injury lawsuit against New York Central Railroad on 14 February 1968, Hutton Gibson relocated his family to West Pymble, Sydney.

A) As regards
B) after
C) So long as
D) As if
E) Just as

5 ) ………… a student at NIDA, Gibson made his film debut in the 1977 film Summer City, for which he was paid $400.

A) Even if
B) While
C) Since
D) Yet
E) Once


Yds Exercises Ve Hazırlık


6 ) ………… 2001, with development funding from the Mellon Foundation, the Chicago Digital Distribution Center ………………… digital printing services and the BiblioVault digital repository services to book publishers.

A) had been offering
B) is being offered
C)  is offered
D) has been offering
E) was offering

7 ) ………..Curtis had expressed a desire to take time off to visit a few acquaintances, he feigned excitement about the tour around the band because he did not want to disappoint his band mates or Factory Records.

A) Once
B) Because
C) While
D) Since
E) In case

8 ) A dense population, in extreme distress, inhabit an island ……….. there is an Established Church, which is not their Church, and a territorial aristocracy the richest of whom live in foreign capitals.

A) which
B) by which
C) where
D) whether
E) whom

9 ) Some few years ……….. his death a radical young Protestant landowner, Charles Stewart Parnell, turned the home.

A) after
B) whereas
C) since
D) since
E) that

10 ) ……… both currently pursue projects outside of Moloko and state that there are no plans for Moloko at the moment, Murphy has been keen to stress that the group are not necessarily defunct and that she has no interest in “burying” the Project.

B) While
C) Whenever
D) As if
E) Even so


1 ) E
2 ) B
3 ) C
4 ) B
5 ) B
6 ) D
7 ) C
8 ) C
9 ) C
10 )A