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1 –  İngilizce Dersleri ( Bireysel – Özel  İngilizce Dersleri  )
2 –  İngilizce Dersleri ( 4 kişi ile yapılan grup İngilizce Dersleri  )

Yds Exercises Ve Sınavları

1 ) Despite this, in some countries, the courts will seldom apply principles of fault, ……………might willingly hold a party liable for a breach of a fiduciary duty to his or her spouse.

A) so
B) but
C) like
D) for
E) as

2 )…………… the late 1960s, nearly all countries that permitted divorce required proof by one party that the other party had committed an act incompatible to the marriage.

A) As if
B) Unless
C) Before
D) Until
E) Although

3 ) …………. the issues are not complex and the parties are cooperative, a settlement often can be directly negotiated between them.

A) What
B) Which
C) However
D) Once
E) Where

4 ) …………. the birth of her younger sister, Türkan’s parents divorced and her mother was granted custody of the children.

A) Since
B) As
C) After
D) In case
E) Just as

5 ) The word is most commonly used in medical and philosophical theories, ……….. it is used to refer to the study of why things occur, or even the reasons behind the way that things act.

A) where
B) by which
C) that
D) which
E) whose


Yds Exercises Ve Sınavları


6 ) ……….  the institution of marriage pre-dates recorded history, many cultures have legends concerning the origins of marriage.

A) When
B) Before
C) While
D) As
E) As well as

7 ) ………….. divorce laws vary between jurisdictions, there are two basic approaches to divorce: fault based and no-fault based.

A) As far as
B) So long as
C) Although
D) If only
E) Because

8 ) …………… the Jurassic proceeded, larger and more iconic groups of dinosaurs like sauropods and ornithopods proliferated in Africa.

A) Once
B) As
C) Before
D) Whereas
E) Even if

9 ) Ornithischian dinosaurs were less predominant than saurischian dinosaurs,………… some like stegosaurs and smallornithopods played important roles as small and medium-to-large herbivores.

A)  although
B) since
C) as well as
D) as far as
E) as soon as

10 ) ……………the veracity of these allegations is disputed,the Belgian Ministry of Justice accused him of it, subsequently arresting him, and he was forced to flee back to France, where, with a new republican government in power, he believed that he would be safe.

A) Because
B) although
C) Once
D) As
E) As soon as


1 ) B
2 ) C
3 ) E
4 ) C
5 ) A
6 ) C
7 ) C
8 ) B
9 ) A
10 )B


Yds Exercises Ve Sınavları