The Verbs Followed By A To-Infinitive / Master Özelliği Hakkında Bilgi

The Verbs Followed By A To-Infinitive Uygulamaları

 1 –  İngilizce Dersleri ( Bireysel – Özel  İngilizce Dersleri  )
2 –  İngilizce Dersleri ( 4 kişi ile yapılan grup İngilizce Dersleri  )

İngilizcenin en temel konularından biri olan fiillerin mastar halinde ( The Verbs Followed By A To-Infinitive ( Mastar Özelliği ) kullanılması kuralına uygun açıklamalardan oluşan bu yazı ( The Verbs Followed By A To-Infinitive ( Mastar Özelliği ) konusunda çalışanlara büyük bir yarar sağlar.

afford (-ed) (usually with cant) I cant afford to buy it.
agree (-d)
I agree to help him.
attempt (-ed)
I attempted to answer but I wasnt allowed.
bear (bore,born)
I cant bear to see you smoking.
begin (began,begun)
When will you begin to work?
claim (-ed)
He claimed to have got a scholarship.
Do you consent to follow the terms of the contract?
continue (-d)
They continued to work.
contract (-ed)
The Turkish government will contract a foreign firm to build a nuclear reactor.
contrive (-d)
Whatever he wants, he can contrive to do.
dare (-d)
He didnt dare to tell a lie again.
decide (-d)
He cant decide to do anything by himself.
decline (-d)
The Foreign Minister declined to comment on foreign affairs.
demand (-ed)
I demand to see the manager.

deserve (-d) You deserved to have the prize.
desire (-d) Everybody desires to be happy.
determine (-d)
I am determined to take a course.

endeavour (-ed) Mr Irwin will endeavour to find Noah’s ark.
expect (-ed) She expected to pass the exam.
fail(-ed) He failed to cross the river.
forget(forgot,forgotten) Dont forget to write your address.
hasten(-ed) I hasten to let him know.
hate (-d) He hates to be interrupted.
hesitate (-d) Dont hesitate to tell the truth.
hope (-d) I hope to solve it today.
intend (-ed) I intend to do it at once.
learn (learnt) He has learnt to read.
like (-d)
She likes to dress up.

long (-ed) I long to see you.
love (-d) Parents love to see their children.
manage (-d) He managed to cure the king.

 The Verbs Followed By A To-Infinitive ( Mastar Özelliği )


mean (meant)
We mean to learn English.

need(-ed) Everybody needs to earn money.
offer (-ed) He offered to be my partner.
plan (-ned) We planned to visit him next week.
prefer (-red) I prefer to work, rather than ist in the coffee house.
pretend(-ed) He may pretend to be ill.
promise (-d) He promised to pay his debt in time.
propose (-d) I dont propose to speak about this matter to anyone.
refuse (-d) He refused to help.
remember (-ed) I remembered to meet her.
seek (sought) They will seek to find Noah’s ark.
seem (-ed) He seems to have a problem.
start (-ed) It has started to work.
swear (swore,sworn) He swore not to smoke again.
tend (-ed) Germans tend to be very hard-workers.
try (tried) Try to finish it today.
undertake(undertook,undertaken) I can undertake to organise it.
venture (-d) The fireman ventured to enter the burning building.
want(ed) I want to study harder.
wish(-ed) Do you wish to live alone?

 The Verbs Followed By A To-Infinitive ( Mastar Özelliği )

Exercise 1 . Complete the sentences with a proper verb form the box.

deserved / forgotten / declined / ventured / expect

1  The police officer ………………to go into detail on the kidnapping.
2  Başak and her brother ……………………to win a scholarship to study abroad.
3  That housebreaker …………………to be punished severaly.
4  George ……………………to resist the two armed robbers.
5  I have ………………to draw money from the bank, can you lend some?

 The Verbs Followed By A To-Infinitive ( Mastar Özelliği )

Exercise 2. Arrange the words to make meaningful sentences.

1  his / failed / economic / he / to / crisis / the country / enlarge / in / the / business / due to.
2  be / little / scolded / brother / my / others / hates / to / in front of.
3  promised / birthday / to / to / classmates / come / my / party / my.
4  elder / study / to / brother / my / determined / university / medicine / at / is.
5  house / afford / we / by / cannot / to / sea / buy / the / now / a.
6  Mary / taxi / take / offered / to / terminal / the / to / a.
7  me / questions / hesitate / dont / ask / to.
8  telephone / I / moment / him / remembered / to / last / the / at.
9  distant / us / travel / to / to / tiem / places / short / a / in / enable / jet / liners.
10  a / buy / Tim / to / wishes / yacht / summer / next.